As a reader, I have learned the value of books. As a writer the difficulty of writing a lively text. And as a blogger I want to use both to recommend cool books to you, readers. And while we’re at it, there are also audio books and films.

I am Jasper, 16 years old and come from Bremen. I enjoy both writing and reading and so it wasn’t a long way to the idea of combining both. And after only a short time it has established itself: on Fridays I write and publish a review of a book I read during the week, and start right away with the next book. Books, audio books, films: Stories are my passion and are firmly anchored in my life as a student. It’s about excitement, about interesting characters, but sometimes about relaxation and humour. I sink into rows of high fantasy and have no scruples about reading a thriller at the same time. Sometimes I read up to three books at once! And I would like to report about those very books here.

But I always want to offer something more interesting on my blog and I always try to do it. So I visit book fairs (like hopefully Frankfurt 2019 again) and even did an interview with bestselling author Andreas Eschbach – which will certainly not be my last interview. I welcome you as a reader here and hope you have a nice (and detailed) time on my blog!